b 1991 Chicago.
NYC-based graphic designer
employed at Studio Lin.

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1. Op-Ed by By Stephen Mihm
2. Op-Ed by Austin Frakt & Aaron Carroll
3. Op-Ed by Fouad Ajami
4. Op-Ed by Charles M. Elson & Craig K. Ferrere
5. Op-Ed by Wayne Pacelle

Art Direction by Other Means
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A publication collocating the Myers Briggs Type Indicator with a "choose your own destiny" art-composition-creator of my own making. The two processes are studied as similar paths, each with a finite set of outcomes. 6x9in; 66pgs
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The New York Times, repositioned as a response to current events—as opposed to a transmitter of one. Weekly issues are developed by journalists, designers & illustrators simultaneously working to deliver an authentic and unusual reaction to world news.
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A set of posters commemorating the largest impact formations on Earth. 15x20x1in

Prevent wire-splits before they occur.
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Poster announcements for a succession of William Shakespeare's plays to be performed at the Pratt Institute. 12x18in
Complete work sample, C.V., and references
available upon request.
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