N. Weltyk

My name is Nicholas. I live in New York City and work independently on commissions for graphic design. Under the name Cooperative Editions, I also offer friends, authors, and artists assistance in publishing. Since its commencement at the end of 2013, Co-Ed has realized roughly fifteen titles.

In May of 2016, I joined Karma as a designer. Since the fall of 2015, I’ve taught second-year typography as an adjunct instructor at Parsons School of Design. From 2013 through 2016, I worked with Alex Lin at Studio Lin. Earlier, I interned at Other Means and, prior to that, studied graphic design and art history at Pratt Institute.

Work samples may be found below and at co-ed.us.
Email may be addressed to nweltyk@gmail.com.
A résumé may be found at this link here.

February 2017 (4 images)
Columbia GSAPP’s Spring Symposium, “Architecture + Technology: Pedagogy in an Age of Disruption” was this month. I designed a small identity for the event consisting of printed posters, brochures, and digital signage.

November 2016 (4 images)
Accompanied by David Richardson on a Rhodes organ and live mixing by Sal Randolph, Charles Perry delivered the entirety of his monolithic essay, “Sunsets.” The event was hosted by Dispersed Holdings. The essay was published earlier this year by Molasses Books. I designed the book and oversaw its production.

September 2016 (1 image)
Common Satisfactory Standard and Cooperative Editions in great company at the 2016 New York Art Book Fair.

August 2016 (12 images)
Together with The Noguchi Museum, I designed a catalog for “Another Land,” an exhibition of photographs by Leah Raintree “casting Noguchi’s work as distant objects in space.”
Installation view: Nicholas Knight, © The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum.

August 2016 (9 images)
I designed a large, new book for photographer, Thomas Whiteside. “Route 1, Mike & India” documents three friends’ journey through Iceland—for one of whom, the visit marked a return home. Fittingly, the book was printed and bound in Reykjavík.

April 2016 (4 images)
Facilitated by The Center for Urban Pedagogy, I conducted a ten-day research project with an English class at Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School.

April 2016 (4 images)
Sharon Gong and I worked together with Netherlands-based Earnest Studio to design and develop their new website.

January 2016 (3 images)
My friend, Charles Perry, and I worked together on the third issue of Ben DuVall’s self-described “erratically published periodical,” Bulk.

December 2015 (3 images)
Just finished a website for Topless—a nomadic gallery in Queens, NY, moving seasonably to vacated storefronts destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. The site is built using Sassolino by PWR Studio.

September 2015 (1 image)
Cooperative Editions was invited to contribute to Catalogue’s Library Paper No. 6, “The New” issue.

September 2015 (1 image)
Cooperative Editions will be sharing a booth with Common Satisfactory Standard at the 2015 New York Art Book Fair. Desmond Wong and Christina Janus lent us AUTHENTIC Sans for our sign.

August 2015 (1 image)
Co-Ed title “Chairs […]” was exhibited in Draw Down’s reading room at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. The reading room was on display from August 14 – September 12 in conjunction with Mall No. 2 presented by 7D8 and V. Project.

August 2015 (3 images)
Recently, I made a website for my mom, Rene. She has an architecture practice based in Seattle, Washington called Stratton Architects.

April 2015 (1 image)
Contributed some shapes to Erik Brandt’s ongoing Ficciones Typgrafika project.

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