N. Weltyk

My name is Nicholas. I live in New Haven / New York City and work independently on commissions for graphic design. Under the name, Cooperative Editions, I also offer friends, authors, and artists assistance in publishing.

Previously, I worked as an adjunct instructor teaching at The New School. Prior to that, I joined Studio Lin and then Karma as a graphic designer.

A résumé may be found at this link here.
Work samples may be found below and at https://co-ed.us/.
Email may be addressed to nweltyk@gmail.com.


November 2018
I made a website for Only Once & Many More, a new curatorial project by Jenni Crain.

May 2018 (2 images)
I worked with Columbia GSAPP on a flyer for a panel discussion with CCCP alumni at this year’s Venice Biennale. The design makes use of found postcards from Venice and Columbia University. Wikipedia revealed that both the city and the school are regularly symbolized with a lion (the Lion of St. Mark and the Columbia Lion, respectively.)

https://gallerycoco.weltyk.com (archived)

May 2018
Gallery Co.Co. is a wall measuring five feet wide and nine feet tall situated in the shared office of Common Satisfactory Standard and Cooperative Editions. The gallery is delineated from the rest of the space with a fresh coat of white paint and eggshell finish. The inaugural exhibition is a group show of seven artists and seven artworks presented bi-weekly, one piece at a time. With each installment of the show, the gallery offers a fragment of the press release and a signature of the exhibition catalog—both of which grow over time to yield a complete text and publication.

April 2018 (22 images)
I designed a new publication with Columbia GSAPP’s Masters of Science in Critical, Curatorial, and Conceptual Practices (CCCP) class of 2018. The editorial project gathers up a number of international responses to the notion of working within a “Vacuum.”

April 2018 (1 image)
Gerardo Madera and I worked with Wendy’s Subway and Rami Karim on an expanded edition of their chapbook “Smile and Nod.” The book’s interior is printed offset on newsprint paper. Each cover is hand stamped. The cover illustration is by Devin Morris.

March 2018 (1 image)
Cooperative Editions published a catalog for “Camerado, this is no book / See the Moon?”, a survey exhibition at Pratt Institute organized and curated by Jenni Crain and Nick Fusaro. The publication—like the show—is divided into two equal parts. The design allows for half of the edition to bound in a Part 1-2 sequence and half to be bound in a Part 2-1 sequence.
More images may be viewed at this link here.


March 2018
Sharon Gong and I made a new website for industrial designer, Daniel Castillo.

March 2018 (1 image)
Kendall Henderson and I worked together to develop some logotype options for the fashion label Rikki J. The image above wasn’t selected but it’s one of my favorites.

October 2017 (16 images)
Dakin Hart and I designed two sibling books for “The Sculpture of Gonzalo Fonseca,” a retrospective exhibition at The Noguchi Museum. “In pictures he took and commissioned, [book one, ‘Gonzalo Fonseca: Four Sculptures,’] synthesizes and inhabits Fonseca’s perspective as he zeroes in on four archetypal pieces in Roman travertine.”
Installation view: Nicholas Knight, © The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum.

October 2017 (17 images)
“[Book two, ‘Gonzalo Fonseca: At Scale,’] contains a series of doorways to the artist’s mind. Through repetition and variation it explores his understanding of the mutability of scale.”

October 2017 (6 images)
A printed menu for my friend Jamal’s store, Gates 532 Deli.
Press sheets spotted at Linco Printing Inc. by Alex Lin.

September 2017 (9 images)
I designed and printed a map and index for Natalia Panzer’s “Found Coins,” exhibited in “17SEP17SUN” at Niceshop Su in Osaka. The free pamphlet’s design directly correlates with the layout of Natalia’s coin binder on view. The metallic gold ink came out really nice.

May 2017 (12 images)
Postcards, posters, vinyl- and wayfinding-signage, guide books, and digital invitations were developed for the 2017 End of Year Show at Columbia GSAPP.


May 2017
A simple website for one of my favorite artists (and curators), Jenni Crain.

April 2017 (8 images)
I produced a set of posters which fold down to yield booklets for “Flux,” The Anthropology Graduate Student Conference at The New School for Social Research. A digital invitation was also designed to correspond with the printed pieces.

February 2017 (4 images)
Columbia GSAPP’s Spring Symposium, “Architecture + Technology: Pedagogy in an Age of Disruption” was this month. I designed a small identity for the event consisting of printed posters, brochures, and digital signage.

https://booklocker.weltyk.com/ (archived)

February 2017
Gerardo Madera and I initiated a temporary book store in New York, hosted by Cooler Gallery. Book Locker’s title is derived from the store’s intimate proportions as well as the gallery’s history. “Footura,” Book Locker’s proprietary typeface, was drawn to match one used by a sneaker retailer bearing a similar name.

December 2016 (1 image)
Cooperative Editions and Pa.LaC.E. published the architecture group’s first monograph. “Paris Hermitage” is visibly and tangibly divided into three sections detailing the imaginary site’s history and the effect on those who inhabit it.
More images may be viewed at this link here.

August 2016 (12 images)
Together with The Noguchi Museum, I designed a catalog for “Another Land,” an exhibition of photographs by Leah Raintree “casting Noguchi’s work as distant objects in space.”
Installation view: Nicholas Knight, © The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum.

August 2016 (9 images)
I designed a large, new book for photographer, Thomas Whiteside. “Route 1, Mike & India” documents three friends’ journey through Iceland—for one of whom, the visit marked a return home. Fittingly, the book was printed and bound in Reykjavík.


April 2016
Sharon Gong and I worked together with Netherlands-based Earnest Studio to design and develop their new website.

April 2016 (4 images)
On the occasion of the impending presidential election, a 10th grade class at Brooklyn Community Arts & Media High School and I investigated the process by which elected officials come into power. We participated in a mock election, surveyed our community about the voting process, and interviewed Amanda Melillo of the Campaign Finance Board. The workshop lasted ten days and was facilitated by The Center for Urban Pedagogy. Posters and other manifestations of our findings designed with the participants.


December 2015
I developed a website for Topless—a nomadic gallery in Queens, NY, moving seasonably to vacated storefronts destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

September 2015 (1 image)
Gerardo Madera and I co-published an oversized book involving the all-ages card game, “Set.” The publication reproduces, dissects, and illustrates an essay by Benjamin Lent Davis and Diane MacLagan outlining the game’s rich mathematical structure. Remixing and reimagining the visual language established by the cards themselves, the book walks a line between childish immediacy and careful, high-level thinking.
More images may be viewed at this link here.


August 2015
I made a website for my mom, Rene. She has an architecture practice based in Seattle, Washington called Stratton Architects.

July 2015 (1 image)
I published an artist’s artist’s book of my own depicting wet books found in New York City. The entire publication is printed on synthetic waterproof paper—rendering it impervious to the fate of those objects documented within.
More images may be viewed at this link here.

April 2015 (1 image)
I contributed some shapes to Erik Brandt’s ongoing Ficciones Typografika project.

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